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100th anniversary of the building in 1998 when we all dressed in Victorian costume 118th London Company Boys' Brigade. In charge is Captain Steve Ellson. A warder's report in World War 11 when an inscendiary bomb fell on the church.
What our church used to look like The old Bevington Pipe Organ Keyboard to old Bevington Pipe Organ
Plaque for old Bevington Pipe Organ Deacons during Malcolm Love's ministry early 1980's Early 1950's youth club
118th London Boys' Brigade Boys ' Brigade In the 1950's Boys'Brigade
Boys's Brigade Stained glass window memorial 1 Stained glass memorial 2
Stained glass memorial 3 The Life Boys Girls’ Brigade. 1050’s
118 London Boys’ Brigade 1950’s Original Chatham Road Baptist Chpel Picture taken during 2nd World War to give advance notice of end of war celebrations
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